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      A bit of fun, a touch of whimsy, unexpected practicalities - make for an unforgettable day.


  Photo: Almost time!  

                                                              WWG can hardly wait?


  Photo: Will your pet attend your wedding like these dapper dogs did?

We're giving away the perfect spring ensemble for your pooch to wear on the big day! Enter to win here:  

                                                                           Flower girl?


  Photo: Set out 5 wine bottles at your reception for guests to sign and save the bottles to drink on your 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th wedding anniversaries!  

                                                     Set out five bottles of special wine.

 Ask your guests sign them for you to open on your 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th anniversary.


  Photo: Keep the groom comfortable!  From Yasmin Khajavi Photography  

                            Comfy groom?  Why not! From Yasmin Khajavi Photography


  Pinned Image  

'                                                                      ' Nough said!

                                                            And on to the celebration.


  Photo: A bubbly goodbye.

Photography: Stacy Reeves Photography
Florist: Signature Productions
Wedding Gown Designer: Anjolique Bridal Collection via  

                                                  A bubbly send off.  What fun!!!


  Photo: Hot on Pinterest: A few dried leaves plus white calligraphy created these cool  fall escort cards  

                                          What a great idea when autumn is in the air -

             A few dried leaves plus white calligraphy created these cool, fall escort cards.                              

  Photo: Our idea of the day: Good Things for flower girls  

                                              Backview flower girl.  Perfectly adorable!


  Photo: Love this couple shot by Benfield Photography. Would you rock his-and-hers Converse on your wedding day?  

                    Who needs a horse-drawn carriage when a cute, red pickup is handy? 

                                     WWG loves this - SO perfect for a country wedding.



                                                  Waiter, there's a shoe in my glass.


  Photo: Hot on Pinterest: The cutest "Here comes the bride" announcer we've ever seen  

                                Cutest announcer WWG has seen!  Hope he's friendly.


  Photo: stepping stones for bridesmaids to stand on during outdoor weddings so their heels don't sink into the ground, so smart! Maybe a little bigger though so they don't fall off!  

   Bridesmaid stepping stones so their heels don't sink into the ground during an outdoor   

                                wedding. Maybe a little bigger though so they don't fall off!


  Photo: Today is National S 'mores day. Do you love the idea of a S 'mores bar for sweet treats at the reception?  

                   How about a S'mores bar for reception sweet treats? Well, why not?


  Photo: Looking for a sweet favor idea.  Last week these Smores were hot on Pinterest.  

                                            And more Smores - a sweet favor idea.


  Photo: Yummy! How about this little box of S'mores for your guest favors? 

More Fall favor ideas here: 

{Photo credit: Cali Cards}  

                           And more - Yummy!  a little box of S'more makings for your guests.


  Photo: This couple included their adorable husky in their wedding. Are you including your dog(s)? 

{Photo credit: King Street Studios ~ }  

                               Man's best friend for best man. Photo: King Street Studios



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