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Photo: Courtesy Linda Edwards/ Wine Country Farm Cellars

Three grape-quilted, wine-producing regions await your unique and romantic Winery Wedding day - the vineyard-lush Willamette Valley, where most of the state's some 350 wineries are located; picturesque Southern Oregon, stretching from just below Eugene in the north to Medford in the south; and the blue-sky, high-desert, sparsely populated west-of-the-Cascades Eastern Oregon area, where only a bare handful of wineries are located. Winery Wedding Guide has searched all three regions to provide a complete listing of those wineries able to host your celebratory day.

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Willamette Valley


Twenty-five years ago, the Willamette Valley was best known for growing grass seed and hazelnuts. That was then.  Today the 100-mile long, 60-mile wide region that gains its name from the river that runs through it has become one of the world's acclaimed grape-growing regions. Here, between the cities of Portland in the north and Eugene in the south, the majority of Oregon's more than 350 wineries are located. Winery Wedding Guide has done the searching for you to come up with a definitive list of

Winery Wedding choices in this vineyard-lush swath of fir-clad hillsides, friendly   valleys and charming small towns.   

Photo: Courtesy Silver Falls Vineyard

Southern Oregon


Southern Oregon is full of treasures - redwood forests, vast acres of wilderness, the mighty Rogue and Umpqua rivers. Among them a new treasure has emerged - acclaimed vineyards and wineries. Winery Wedding Guide searched through some 50 wineries to find eight available to host a unique and romantic, photography-perfect celebration of your wedding day.




Photo: Courtesy Melrose Vineyards

Eastern Oregon


Only a mere handful of wineries are located east of the Cascade Mountains - Oregon's big- sky, high-desert country. Of them, most are found 60 miles to the east of Portland in a scenic valley between Mt. Hood and the Columbia River, in close proximity to the city of Hood River.  Winery Wedding Guide has done the searching for you to find photography-album-perfect, winery-wedding sites, each a unique and intimate setting for your all-important day.



Photo Courtesy Cathedral Ridge Winery





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