Virginia - Winery Weddings

 Credit: Chrysalis Winery/Doug Potter Photography

A Virginia vineyard -winery wedding - what could be more appropriate!  "Virginia is for Lovers" has been the state's slogan for over 40 years.  From the Chesapeake Bay shores to the Blue Ridge Mountain peaks, Winery Wedding Guide has done the searching for you through the state's more than 140 wineries to provide a complete list of wineries able to host your Winery Wedding day.  With a click you are on your way to finding the perfect, unique, romantic, timeless, Virginia, wine-country wedding and reception venue.

Descriptions of Virginia's four viticultural areas are below:



Central Virginia


Atop Monticello mountain, Thomas Jefferson spent years attempting to grow European grape varieties, without success. Today, more than half of the state's widely praised vineyards are located in what is known as the Monticello Viticultural Area.  And it is here - in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, "hunt country" - that most of Central Virginia's winery-wedding possibilities are located. A few more are to be found south of the Monticello region near Lynchburg and Charlotte, with an additional few off Interstate 64 in the countryside outside Richmond.



Photo: Courtesy Mountain Cove Vineyards


Eastern Virginia


Winery wedding venues, while few in number in Eastern Virginia,, come steeped in 400 years of history.
George Washington referred to Northern Neck, which claims but eight wineries, as "the garden of Virginia."  Northampton and Accomack counties, where but three wineries are located, claim a pristine stretch where Chesapeake Bay meets the sea.  Hampton Roads's two wineries enjoy close proximity to colonial Williamsburg.

Photo: Courtesy Williamsburg Winery

Northern Virginia


Virginia's most concentrated wine country is nestled against the Blue Ridge foothills on Virginia's northern "knob,"  with grape vines and wineries first appearing on the fringes of Washington, D.C.'s metropolitan area.  Most are found in Loudon County, traditionally gracious horse country, with a scattering to be found in neighboring counties to the south and in the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley - all enhanced with spectacular vistas, scenic byways and towns steeped in history.


Photo: Courtesy Paradise Springs Winery

Western Virginia


Western Virginia's wineries inhabit the southern half of the state's magnificent "Big Valley," the Shenandoah, with most enjoying close proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway as it continues its way south into the picturesquely named Rocky Knob viticulture region.  Continuing west, the Heart of Appalachia, best known as coal-mining country, claims a scattering of vineyards.  At all, scenic roads, pictures-postcard farms, and toe-tapping music is a given.

Photo: Courtesy North Mountain Vineyard & Winery                            




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