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 Michigan winery wedding site

Could you send me info on winery's in mid Michigan and prices please? Ashley

Ashley - Sorry,Ashley, but we don't have that information. We suggest that you go
to the Michigan page on where you will find all
the wineries in Michigan that host weddings. From there, we suggest taking a
look at their websites and then contacting by phone or e-mail to ask about
such details as pricing. Hope this helps.
Yvonne Horn

How much does a winery wedding cost?

Winery Wedding Guide: I am interested in getting a general idea of the price of hosting a wedding at a vineyard. I understand there may be a wide range, but any examples or generalities that you can provide would be greatly appreciated!   Thank you in advance, Mark

Mark - Thanks for your e-mail.  You are right that there are many variables, largely calculated on the amount of assistance the winery offers. That's  why does not attempt to give price information in its listings. Your best bet is to choose a winery with a general description that appeals to you and look at its website. Many times, the options are quite clearly spelled out. And then give it some thought - what may seem expensive at first glance, may turn out to be a bargain, once you calculate all that is offered and take into consideration the time and effort of putting such a package together.   Tip to remember: mid-week weddings are less costly than weekend; during winter months, facilities can be rented for as much as half of summer rates.

  Do let us know how your winery wedding search turns out.

 Best wishes,  Yvonne Horn


Can alcoholic drinks other than the winery's wine be served?

Hi Yvonne,   I'm a wedding planner. I have clients that would like to host a wedding reception at a winery. They will have about 200-250 guests attending and they would like to serve alcohol-full bar in addition to the wines offered by the winery. They are getting married in Santa Barbara and are willing to travel to Santa Ynez area.   My questions: Are there any wineries that allow for full bar service? Also, in speaking with some wineries that I have contacted-I was informed that there was a law passed in January prohibiting wineried to allow receptions to host a full bar service. Is this correct?   I would appreciate any and all information you can give me so that I may relay this information to my client. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you again. Sincerely,


Hellenic Designs

Hello Georgia - My research tells me that no wineries are permitted for full alcohol-bar service. Wineries are strictly regulated by local permit policies - I'm not aware of an overall law - so they may differ a bit according to state and region. But wine only (occasionally beer, especially if a micro-brewery is associated with the winery) is the rule.  Santa Barbara and environs is such a lovely location for a winery wedding - I hope your clients will decide to enjoy popping the corks for their guests to enjoy the area's wonderful wines. 

Yvonne Horn

Recommendations for a fall winery wedding site?

Winery Wedding Guide:

I stumbled across your site while researching online.  We are planning a smaller fall 2010 wedding/reception (50-60 people) somewhere in California, Oregon, or Washington.  Lots to choose from obviously and we only visited Sonoma and Napa counties in the past.

 Would you have a recommendation for a fall wedding site?  We are looking at an all outdoor wedding/reception with live music and a more laid back feel but still nice?  Hopefully somewhat close to an airport and accommodations.

 As far as scenary we are looking for lots of trees (redwoods, pines) and a comfortable feel.  

Shaun, Chicago

Shaun - You've chosen a perfect time for a winery wedding. In fall, with the harvest and crush over, wineries can turn their full attention to making your wedding perfect. Too, the vineyards can be beautiful in autumn color. Sonoma County would be a good choice - fly into San Francisco - be sure to check out that page on Napa, due to regulations, has but three wineries able to host.  Southern California's Temecula Valley is within easy reach of both San Diego and LA airports. Also take a look at the Sierra Foothills page. Gold Country is charming!  Fly into Sacramento.     

Oregon and Washington, as you know can be wet, and for an outdoor wedding that late in the year I wouldn't choose Washington. But do take a look at Oregon's Willamette Valley pages. Lots of lovely choices with Portland's airport not far away.

We'd love to know how your winery wedding search turns out.   Best wishes, Yvonne Horn

Thinking of Northern Virginia for a December weddding

Winery Wedding Guide: I am hoping to get some information about a possible wedding site. My fiance and I are thinking of a December wedding. How would the winery look? Is there one in northern Virginia that is particularly beautiful yet not too far for family traveling from Pennsylvania?


Kimberley - While Winery Wedding Guide cannot recommend one winery over another, here's what I suggest you do to find the perfect location. 

    It will be cold, so look through the listings to find those that have indoor facilities.    

    Then decide if the description fits how you visualize your wedding's style. Elegant?  Informal?

    Now that you have it narrowed down, click on the websites you've chosen to take a closer look.

     Contact the winery by phone or e-mail and ask to speak to whomever coordinates weddings and events. 

    Northern Virginia has wonderful choices.  You'll have a unique and beautiful wedding!

Yvonne Horn

Thank You from Maryland Wineries Association

The site looks beautiful. I will continue to encourage wineries to be in touch should they wish to be on the site. Thank you for your hard work!!!
Regina Reilly
Marketing Coordinator
Maryland Wineries Association 

Thanks for the listing

Thank you very much for listing Holman Ranch Vineyards on your beautiful website.

Holman Ranch Vineyards & Winery

Carmel Valley, CA








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