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Great leads from Winery Wedding Guide

I love your site, and it has helped a lot of brides looking for winery weddings. We have great leads who found us through your site. Thank you!

Sand Castle Winery

Erwinna, PA


Helpful website - thank you!

Just wanted to let you know that people call me all the time to ask if we do weddings, and I love sending them to your website.  It's really helpful to have all that information in one place.

RayLen Vineyards& Winery

Mocksville, NC 


Winery likes the Guide

Your site is simply lovely; we appreciate being on it!

Pacific Oaks Vineyard Estate, Aptos CA.


Wedding planner comments

I appreciate the guidance your website offers to couples and am thrilled to recommend it with confidence.

Wendy Harrop, Wedding/Event Planner, Saratorga, CA

Georgia Wines

Our info looks great!  As does the website-  thanks for including us!

We found your very informative website and would like to become a part of it! 

We would appreciate any information regarding how to get listed under your resources for Winery Weddings in central Virginia (Charlottesville).

Whitney Walker

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineayrds

All you have to do is ask!  Happy to include you.  Yvonne Horn

Please add us to your wonderful website

Just wanted to drop you all a note regarding our new urban winery in downtown Three Oaks, Michigan. We have been in the wedding and event business for over 10 years and plan on holding weddings at our location. Please have a look at our website. It would be greatly appreciated if your would add us to your wonderful website.

Kevin Michael Kelleher

Dewey Cannon Winery & Brewery Co.

   Happy to do so, Kevin.  Take a look. Yvonne Horn .


Pennsylvania Winery is missing

I think your site is great but missing the winery I am getting married at. I think it is a great location and worthy of mentioning, plus its in the middle of the state. I am getting married in Pennsylvania at Brookmere Winery.  It is not only a winery but has a beautiful 1800's house that was turned into a bed and breakfast.  Gorgeous house and grounds surrounded in a small country setting.  


Winery Wedding Business is Huge!

Thank you so much for getting in touch with us! We would love to be included in your beautiful website. Our wedding business is going to be huge! We have not even opened and this bridal season is sold out.

Gervasi Vineyard, Ohio

Wonderful Information

Thank you so much for all the great information on your site. My boyfriend and I are thinking about having our wedding at a winery and we found many wonderful options on your website.



Classy Website

Hi Yvonne, I looked at our listing and it is perfect.  Thank you! Your web site is classy!

Waterman Winery, Illinois  


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